3 Setting Security & Privacy FaceBook Before You Go

December 2009 and then Facebook could make changes to the privacy of its users rule that invites controversy. Networking site that was more reclusive now wants to compete with other more open sites, like Twitter.
Then in December 2009 then you really pay attention and maintain your personal settings when setting it up bring up the recommendations, then perhaps you are safe. But if you just choose the recommended setting up, then you should take another look at what information people can see with that setting.
The first trick mouse over the menu Settings / Settings in the upper right, it will display a list, then click on Privacy Settings / Privacy Settings from the list. Then try to check the following three things in a setting that appears.
1. Who can see things that you pointed out (status, photos, videos, etc.)
On the menu, the first item is Profile Information / Profile Information, click on that part. On the next page, look for Posts by Me / Posts from My. This is the part that controls all the status updates, links, records / notes, photos, and video.
If in December you only follow the advice setting up standards, then all that information can be accessed by all applications and other Facebook users.
There is a good idea to change the setting to be Just Friends / Friends Only instead of Everyone / Everyone, so really only people who have become friends that you approve can see your profile developments.
Remember that setting the 'Everyone' means absolutely everyone who might have used the Internet to find information. While the setting of Friends of Friends / Friends of Friends a bit more convincing, but if the number of friends is quite a lot then you could have your information available to thousands of people who you do not know.
2. Personal Data
Still on the Profile Information section, look at the item to the third, fourth, and fifth, ie birthday / date of birth, religious and political views / beliefs and political views, and family and relationship / family and relationships. Third is sensitive data, particularly dates of birth, because these data are often the data for identity verification (example: for some banking services over the phone).
If you are using a standard up from last December, the third of this data for all to see. There is a good idea to also turn this into Just Friends / Friends Only for the same reason as before.
3. Whether Google can see data on Facebook?
Return to the Privacy Settings page / Privacy Settings, click Search / Search, which is the fourth item. Indeed, Facebook had issued a statement that Facebook does not pass the information to Google, and that people searching for Facebook users in the Google name will only be directed to the user profile page, and this is shown only basic information only. This is true but you should also see the basic information that appears is whatever.
Second item on this page, Public Search Result / Search Results General, has a check box on the right that reads "Allow / Allow". There is a good idea to uncheck that box. If you want to compare the results then just try clicking on the link "Show preview / See preview" around the end of item description the two.
Links that may indicate what kind of display profile that emerged for those who did not your friend on Facebook but found your profile page via the Google search feature. Can you compare the difference between this view when the Allow box was checked or not.
These three settings above can be mastered in five minutes. Do not wait until something bad you just secure your information.

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