9 Tips Healthy & Safe Gaming

Playing games on the computer or video game consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and others, for some people is a fun and exciting. Underneath it all, playing games can be bad (negative), although there is also a good side (positive).
Well, to get maximum impact both in and minimize the adverse effects of playing games, you'll want to read tips and tricks from the readers of the following items:
1. Time Limit Games
If it's good games are usually people forget when to stop and perform other useful activities. At the beginning of games set for about an hour or two alone. If you need to install an alarm clock to know the time limit.
Eventually games can have a bad impact on our bodies, because the brain is full concentration on the game will ignore the important activities or needs of the body such as eating, drinking, worship, bathe, sleep, rest, exercise, socialize, and others. Sometimes people just realized after playing the game feels dizzy.
2. Do not Play Games Never Ending
Try to select games that do not make us addicted to playing it for months and years and spent many hours a day to play it in order to produce a good game.
Of course it would limit us to know other new games, making the curious continue, and can sometimes feel embarrassed if the account status game that we play to have lower results than other gamers. It would be nice if we use the time available for other activities.
3. Avoid the Fishing Game Difficult Emotions
The gameplay is hard sometimes make us upset and finally the emotional and angry is not clear. Buttons and the joystick can be a target if more desperate and could be slammed, beaten, trampled, and various other violent acts.
Not only the machine consoles or PCs / laptops are so damaged. Hand, foot and body could be hurt if you do violence on inanimate objects are hard and dense. Stop playing games if it is emotional and instantly watch television to quell anger.
4. Play Games that Sharpen the Brain
There are many games that can enhance the ability of our brain to think like a puzzle game, game case, memory games, strategy games, and so on. There is also a funny game that can comfort us when to play it.
Analysis of the games you play, whether it can provide a positive impact and can provide entertainment or thinking ability. If it does not give anything, that game was a waste of your time alone.
5. Invite Others Play Together
Main rollicking game much better than playing alone. By referring friends, family, neighbors, girlfriends, and so play the game we will strengthen our relationships with others. Of course, during games played matches to be played together and did not make the emotions.
Play the game alone will eliminate our social life and can reduce the number of our friends from time to time. Acquaintances of friends playing games online is not real friends because of that person, it could be, not honest with us. Friends in real life is much more valuable than virtual friends.
6. Do not Play Gambling
Game that involves betting money on it you could say gambling. Nowadays, the game comes in the form of an electronic game such as fielding balls, gambling cards, game coin, and other games that can be played online and freely circulating on the internet.
Gambling can suddenly make us poor. Online gambling, for example, all have been set. Bandar will never lose because the system was set how much profit dealers. All of us hurt. Because, in addition to sin, gambling game play can also make us forget time, forget family, and of course, forgot all about God.
7. Do not waste money
Care about your money and should be saved for future supplies and in case when not have money. Calculate all the expenses of nge-game, such as the cost of transport, electricity, internet access, food, drink, pay rental, and others.
Calculate also the time you waste in vain to play the game if you use that time to activities that produce.
There are people who like to play the game to pursue the prize tickets / coupons to be redeemed with a gift whose value is much lower than we have money to spend to play the game. Calculate the long-term savings that you can do if all the money you collect.
8. Do not Play Pirated Games
Imagine people who have difficulty making games with large cash capital, which depleted the brain of mind, and energy and sweat for months or even years.
We live casually buy a copy of the game from a plowman with a very low price. Game developers can not be anything, criminals steel worker can make big money games and rich. We were finally able to sin.
If you do not have much money, try not to play commercial games that are not distributed free. Find games that are free or free license. On the internet we can download free games, demos, and games can be played directly online on the internet without installing its game.
9. Your body care
If a game makes us dizzy with the game's point of view that is incompatible with the ability of our brains, stop immediately and do not play anymore. Why should we play games but to make our bodies become sick.
Could be a game that is played to make sore, tired and weak, if played too long. Can also make us sick fingers and many other bodily complaints. The point is we must know our limits endurance game. Do not play too many games that are not good for our bodies.

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