Deleting Files Portable Trash With BleachBit

Deleting Files Portable Trash With BleachBit
Membersihkan File Sampah Dengan BleachBit Portable
Capacity of large hard disks that are less often a problem for computer users. To clean up unused files, such as temporary files and so on, computer users can just do it manually. However, cleaning the hard disk of unnecessary files manually will certainly spend a lot of time. To do it all with ease, computer users can use the software BleachBit.

BleachBit software helps computer users to clean up unnecessary files so that they can utilize their hard disk storage capacity to the fullest. The software also helps computer users keep their privacy. BleachBit clean cache, delete cookies, delete internet history, remove temporary files, delete logs, and other clean up junk files. BleachBit software can be used on computers that use Windows and Linux operating systems.

Software BleachBit able to clean junk files generated by other software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Adobe Flash, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and so on. However, this software does not only remove the junk files is simple. BleachBit also provides shredding feature that can be used to remove files permanently. That is, the deleted file with feature files shreadding earlier will not be raised again with the software for file recovery. BleachBit can completely remove the files that never exist without the slightest trace, and also clean up junk files from other software such as Firefox to help him work with more leverage.

To be able to use the software BleachBit, computer users need not spend a dime. BleachBit is open source software that can be used free of charge. To download the software BleachBit, computer users can visit

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