How to Register and Claim Blog on Technorati

For most bloggers, technorati must have been very well known. As for newbie bloggers like us, the service is not fully known to us. But we are required to use this service because blogs are great just always use this service technorati.
Surely we ask why?
Based on information from the master nich us, and from the menu technorati itself, we can take the four points are very important to show whether it's technorati. Technorati function it is: a blog / rss directory, as the blog search engines (especially blogs), as well as an online bookmarking tag aggregator. And from here we can know that technorati is a service that focuses on blogs. So as a blogger (especially us who are beginners), we need to know about it.

By using this service from Technorati, the blog we will dicrawl and stored in the data technorati blog itself, automatically imports the rss feed our blog, detecting the tags, as well as links from other blogs to our blog. And ends is a matter of backlinks and rank blogs.

And this time we will discuss about how to register and claim your blog at technorati. And here is the process of how to register your blog to technorati validation code from the process token technorati to complete.

How to Register on Technorati

• We first need to register first to get an account on technorati.
• Complete the data properly, use the email is still active, and do not forget to fill the captcha, check its agreement, then click "Join".
• To conduct an account activation, now open the email that we use to register earlier. Open the email that is sent by technorati and click the link aktifasinya.
• Once your account is active we are, locate and click the "sign in" to go to the login page to the next profile to claim your blog.
• If you have successfully logged in, now go to the profile page by clicking on the link name (account) in addition to our existing profile photo on the right.
Current enrollment in technorati are finished and then how to claim your blog at technorati.

How to Claim Blog on Technorati

• Please click the blog claims that are under our profile. Fill in our blog address, for example:
• Next, fill out the form correctly, such blog tittle: content with the theme of our blog.
• URL: we fill with our blog address, eg
• Feed: we fill with your blogs rss feed, may address such default or third-party service like Feedburner.
• Linking blogs: here we can list the three blogs that have a link to our blog, also may not be filled.
• Site description: The blog is filled with information, matching the theme of our blog.
• Site categories: we tick off the appropriate category to our blog, and here we may choose more than one category.
• Site tags: we fill each cell with keywords related to the content of our blog.
• Then click "Proceed to the next step".
• Then click the "Return to profile".
Technorati Token Verification Code

Now let us look under our profile, we already have a blog now. Although there already exists, but it's still not ready because technorati still requires verification token code to ensure that the blog alamt it is truly ours. Therefore, to begin verification token code technorati:

• Please click "Claim Check" which is under the thumbnail images to our blog.
• Posted on the next we see the text with a blue background, like EBV6BV2QSQYE (different for each blog), it is a token code that we have copies and paste it on our blog pages, then we post that contains the token code, and publish. Post up, can be a blank page that only contains the token code itself, or also all along the article.
• After making sure that the post had been published, now click the "Verify Claim Token" on page claim technorati, and see the results.
• If completed, the post which contains the last token code may be deleted. But if the join together with the article it was very nice and should not be deleted again.
Okay I hope this article helps bias.

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