Secret letter 'i' Behind Apple Products

Like King Midas in Greek mythology, whatever Steve Jobs fingers touched into gold. After his touch produces the Apple iMac, iPod and iPhone, Hand Jobs miraculous re-spawn iPad in April 2010.

Computer tablet-sized 9.7-inch touch screen is spread 'fever' iPad worldwide since its launch in April last year. Now the second generation iPad again rocked the world.

Then why Steve Jobs has always put the letter 'i' in every artificial product? In 1998, Job makes the iMac is a merger between the internet and Macintosh.

Job says that matchmaking is not without meaning, the iMac is a marriage between the pleasures of the world surfing with the simplicity of Macintosh.

But the internet is not the only meaning that dimasud Job. Now, with various new products from Apple, the word 'i' represents the many meanings such as information, instruction and inspiration.

Well, the word which you think is most appropriate.

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