Test Results: Hard Top Autos Hitachi, Seagate Most Easily Broken

A study of Storelab, a repair company recently issued new data important information about the age of the hard disk. Data collected in the long term, according to hard drive wear and tear they find.
This report is a matter of controversy because many defective or damaged disk made by the vendor manufacturers, and the importance of data stored on computer hard disk.
Penguna computer, especially a complete computer buyers never know what brand of hard drive they use. Sometimes a lot of buyers away with a long warranty period, and ensure that their hard drive will be replaced when damaged. Damaged hard drive will be replaced, what about the fate of important data. Can be answered by the hard drive manufacturer "ask the swaying grass."
Hard drive for home PCs may lose important data such as music files or photos into a private collection. But for professionals, important data that is made for months could have been lost by damage to the hard drive.
How long can old hard drive to work. The answer is never the same. One vendor can generally reach 3.5 years, but there are others only up to 1.5 years. Capacity and model and distinguish the quality of a service life of a hard drive.
About hard drive maker manufacturers, users, the percentage of damage and service life
In general there are six major manufacturers of hard drive maker Fujitsu / Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital.
In research conducted more than 4000 hard disk unit with 3.5 and 2.5 inch format. Storelab do a comparison of data collected according to the classification of products, brands and capacity as well as a model.
According to iSuppli, the use of disks in the computer market. World Seagate hard drive sales leads, followed by Western Digital
Storelab According to data obtained from existing records to hard drive damage on them. Damage was greatest on the hard drive is Seagate's largest product who led the drive sales in the World. Almost 2X from the existing hard drive market share, equivalent to 31%
Although the disk usage in Russia amounted to only 40% of the Seagate brand hard drive. But the hard drive damage from other manufacturers are much lower, such as Hitachi and Western Digital only listed 11% below it.
Below according to statistical data as a percentage of hard drive damage. The probability of figure below shows the greater number of the damaged hard drive obtained by StoreLab
The second indicator is used according to how long service life and are able to work before the damaged hard drive.
Designers such as hard disk drive manufacturer's engineers may say they are capable of working hard for many years even decades. But the conclusion that they do is done by number, rather than the actual test. Given a new hard drive may not be sold after the trial for many years to get the MTBF figure.
What is surprising from the data in the can by StoreLab. Harddisk turns out there are only 1.5 years old. While the oldest works of Hitachi and Western Digital brand, able to work up to 3.5 years before the indicated damage.
From brand Seagate 7200.10 only type that is able to work more than 3 years. Samsung and Toshiba / Fujitsu also meet the same fate, only works within 1.5 to 2 years and into StoreLabs to do forensic data.

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