Backup And Synchronize Files and Folders With PureSync Personal

When we work with using computers, we store the results of our work in the form of a file. And of course, after working a long time every day, we'll have a lot of files on our computers. Set up multiple files is not easy. We are often confused and can not find any files that have been long, and which we have just to edit, or we make. Such confusion often experienced by those who work using more than one computer.
For example, employees who complete their work at home, usually confused when going to copy their work to the office computer, because they are not sure which files are already edited and which not. To make it easier to manage and synchronize files, software PureSync can help.
PureSync is a software developed by Jumping Bytes. The software is designed for use on computers running the Windows operating system. PureSync software can help us to synchronize files and folders, make backups, and much more. Remarkably, all of it can be done in the background, so it does not interfere with our work.
Some features of the software Mainstay PureSync include:

Features to look at the contents of the folder and put them on equal footing, so that we can easily compare them.
Synchronization and backup can be done automatically.
Support for NAS and FTP.
Usage is very simple and easy.
And many other features. PureSync this software we can download and use for free. To download the software PureSync, we can visit the official website of the developers in / en / puresync.

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