Divide for Large File

You are almost certainly happy surfing hobby collecting various files from the Internet. Whether it's software, reference or MP3 files. For you are accessing from home, no matter if you want to download large files, eg more than 2 Mb. But for people who access the internet cafe? Sure would appear difficult, because the maximum disk capacity is only 1.4 Mb. If you experience problems like the above, do not give up yet. With this program you can split the files Split large files into smaller files that fit on a floppy. Well, get home you can reunite the pieces of the file.
To do so, very easy. First download the program from http://www.partridgesoft.com first, then install. Do not worry about the size of the program is relatively small, and how to install it too easy. When finished installing, run the program. The interface is like the picture above. To break up the file the following way: 1.Klik "Add" button and search for the location of the file to be parsed. 2.Kalau file you want to split more than one, click again "Add" button. 3.Tentukan location of the folder to put the file-solving results. I click the Browse button. 4.Tentukan also the size of each file. Size 1.39 Mb for the diskette (floppy disk), 95.78 Mb to 1024 Mb Zip disks and Zip to Jar. 5.Kalau is ok all, click Start button. To reunite the split files, it does not lose easily. 1.Dari program File Split, move to the Merge tab. 2.Pada the source file, locate the file location of the breakdown (indicated by the file extension. FSI). 3.Tentukan also the location of the folder where the file to the union (merge). 4.Terakhir click Start.

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