Google Prepare Android Third Generation

Google allegedly was preparing his third-generation Android smartphone. Some media claimed the internet giant from Mountain View's Google Phone will be released Friday at the end of 2012.

But Google will not likely use the name of the Nexus as the two previous models. Cellular News, also claims the new phone will use 28nm chips or Krait Snapdragon processor OMAP 4460 and NVIDIA bukannnya Kal-El as the initial speculation.

The latest generation of Google Phone reportedly will carry the latest OS Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition, this phone will reportedly also have extra large screen size and no longer displays the physical buttons below the screen. Instead, Google will be pinned on 'soft-key' on the display screen.

The plan, this latest Google Phone would be released to the U.S. market, just as the Christmas holidays of 2012.

End of 2010, Google's Android smartphone poured both, Nexus S. Armed with smart phones that Android 2.3 operating system it replaces its successors Gingerbread Nexus, which uses Android 2.2 Froyo.

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