Internet Domain Naming System reformed ICANN

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided to overhaul the Internet domain naming system is growing.
In a meeting held in Singapore recently, the nonprofit responsible for slot allocation of Internet Protocol (IP), domain name system (DNS) management or manage domain names on the Internet, and root server system management functions that states will be many emerging new domain name, tailored to the theme.
For 26 years, there are a variety of domain names are best known, namely ". Com", ". Net",. "Gov" for government sites, and ". Edu" for educational institutions. This domain name will be increasingly diverse, such as for brands, entertainment and politics.
Starting next year, every interest group that can pay of U.S. $ 185 thousand (approximately USD 1.6 billion) to get the application domain in order to update their site. The new domain will be adopting all of the world's languages, including Arabic, Chinese and others.
"This is a new phase for the Internet," said Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICANN, as quoted by FoxNews, Monday (20 / 6). According to him, nothing can restrain the rate of change of the domain naming system, unless there are special reasons.
This decision will certainly have a major impact on "identity" is built every website in cyberspace. Certainly they were the first to propose changes to a domain is a company that has a known product. This is done to protect them them.
Melbourne IT chief executive Theo Hnarakis said this change allows companies to control their trademarks. So do not be surprised if it later appears domains like. "Apple", ". Coke",. "Google" for instance.
In addition to domain names that are common such as ". Com", ". Net", ". Edu", and ". Go" earlier, there are now 290 countries that use the domain with its own suffix, for example. "Jp" for Japan, " . fr "for France." th "Thailand, and." kr "South Korea. There is also a domain that is made for certain industries, such as. "Tel" for telecommunications, and porn sites with ". Xxx".
With the expansion of this domain naming system, is expected to emerge can be more than 1,000 new domain, which consists of brand products, banks, hotels, communities, and so on.
Before creating a new domain name, it's worth another look ICANN domain that already exists. In Antarctica, for example, turns south polar region also has a domain with a name. "Aq". ICANN has also approved a special domain name for Palestine in 2000, namely. "Ps" and the European Union. "Eu" in 2005.
In addition to domains that are common and usually traced on the Internet, there is also a domain name that is "dead" or slowly is not used anymore. For example. "Yu" for Yugoslavia. "Dd" East Germany. England who owns the domain. "Gb" turned out to prefer to use. "Uk". (Tempo)

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