Recognize Intel Core 2 Duo Up From Core i7

For years Intel has been working behind the scenes to make the brand structure and explore the many ways to be easily understood by users. Intel has decided to provide information about their brand of complex structure by dividing it into 3 main categories, namely "entry-level (Intel Core I3), mid-level (Intel Core i5), and high-level (Intel Core i7)."
According to Intel spokesman Bill Calder noted that the focus of Intel's strategy is to make the brand 'hero' with the name of the Intel ® Core ™. After that, Intel make derivative versions of the brand Intel Core Core ™ 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, and so on.
For Core processor family itself there is a multi-level such as an Intel ® Core ™ i3, Intel ® Core ™ i5, and Intel ® Core ™ i7. Processor Core i3 and i5 is a new modification and follow the Intel Core i7 Core family in a similar structure.
Very important to know, that according to Intel, the Core brand gives the signal features and benefits. For example, a processor that will come as Lynnfield (desktop) that will carry Intel's Core brand, but similar to the Intel Core i5 and i7, depending on the ability of the features and capabilities. While Clarksfield (mobile) will use Intel's Core i7 brand.
While the Celeron for entry-level, along with the Pentium for basic computing. While the Intel Atom processor depart from the new device, start netbooks to smartphones.
To purchase a PC, Celeron processor in the category of good, better Pentium, and Intel Core represents the best from Intel. Meanwhile, Intel vPro technology continues to grade the best security and paired with the Intel Core, either Core or Core i7 i5.
With a focus on the Intel Core, Centrino processor technology brand will be 'rested' for the PC earlier this year. However, Centrino has a big stake as wireless technology, so it can ditransisikan by product name Wi-Fi and WiMAX from 2010

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