Tips Save Data On CD Damaged Or Scrapes

At the present time data storage media is the most safe, durable, large capacity and cheap is a CD (Compact Disc) and DVD. With the price of a CD-Writer 52x Drive is arguably relatively inexpensive that almost becomes a necessary condition for the completeness of a PC.
The market for sale a wide range of brands and materials CD-R / CD-RW with quality and price range. CD quality is sometimes determined by the price. Although the treatment is expensive but if you are on the CD should not, of course this is nothing - nothing.
Apart from that any CD you have, have a chance to be scratched, moldy, broken, and so forth. Now what if we have a CD with data, files - important files in it can not be read due to scratches, mildew, etc..
On this occasion the author would just put a trick to save the data on a scratched CD. Many software rescue data, which is free or shareware such as a CD Check from, BadCopy Pro from, and CD Data Rescue from http://www .
No matter how great the software is still dependent on the quality of the hardware. Hardware that was instrumental in saving the data on CD is a CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVD-ROM Drive. The better the quality of error correction CD-ROM drive is the more likely terselamatkannya data from the CD.
In the market the CD-ROM drives sold at varying prices. Usually the price is never deceived, high prices have the best quality and choice and the dream of many people, but it never hurts to ask the seller you are seeking information or test some of the CD-ROM drive from magazines or tabloids about computers, cd-rom which has The best error correction that is what you choose.
In addition to rescue data error correction features, tips recommended by the author of the CD-ROM features a multispeed, with the intention that the maximum speed CD-ROM can be set manually with the help of software such as Nero DriveSpeed ​​which can be downloaded for free from http:// or Http: / / manually setting the maximum speed is only optimizes the ability to read CD-ROM.
By default speed CD-ROM will be reduced automatically when reading data on the cd is scratched or poorly and will increase after the scratches are exceeded. Whether or not the automatic speed setting depends on the firmware CD-ROM, so you update it with latest firmware CDROM.
But the author's experience, CD-ROMs that have good error correction and the latest firmware sometimes still unable to handle the scratches on the CDs is completely disabled due to scratches, but by lowering the maximum speed CD-ROM at the lowest speed (ie a 4x or 8x) This can sometimes be overcome, because the CDROM is not automatic with kecapetan constant up and down.
In addition to the CD-ROM drive, other hardware that plays the CDs themselves. To Know is not terbacanya data burning process due to failure or due to physical damage, can be seen from the CD if there is dirt / scratches or not, if not then it is most likely due to a failure at the time of burning.
Therefore each time you burn the better end with verification data (Fig. 5) or with software Nero CD Speed ​​(figure 1), which also can be downloaded for free from or http:// or both will be installed automatically when you install the software Nero Burning ROM.

Gambar 1

Now how to save data on a scratched CD? See a physical CD is sure there is no dirt on the surface underneath (the sensitive part, the which is read by an optical CD-ROM). If there is dirt or scratches lightly wipe with a special CD cleaning fluid, the which is commercially available in bottles cans.

When this has been done and the dirt and scratches is reduced or lost, then it is Certainly all the data in the CD can be saved 98%, 1% Depending on the quality of writing data to CDs and 1% more error correction quality of The CD-ROM drive.

What if the scratches are still there? to do so very necessary skill, diligence, experience and some specialized equipment and materials. The tool is commonly used to polish the car, a polishing cloth that is rotated by the drill. As well as the material used is a paste to polish the car, especially good at removing scratches (scratch) (Figure 2).

But do not worry, you do not need to practice many - months. You just train with the deliberate expense of a scratched CD. Some important things to note are:

     Backup all data on a CD that is still readable to the hard disk prior to polishing.
     Clean the optical and the CDROM with a cd cleaning fluid if necessary.
     When not pressing the polishing cloth cd polish to excess.
     Avoid polish on a location, polish the entire surface evenly cd, so as not to form basins.
     Try the polished surface is always wet with polishes, do intermittently (intermittently) with the intention of the material does not evaporate due to heat from friction between the polishing cloth with the surface of the CD.
     After scratches reduced trial copy data to the hard drive was unreadable.
     After all data is saved, check the data from the corrupted file by opening the data. If OK, immediately backup to the new cd.
     CDs that have been polished should not be left too long are not backed up, because the surface of the cd gets thinner and easier to mold, or when scratched again, it is unlikely the data will be saved.

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