TIP: Avoid Your Personal Data Safe stolen

Increased theft of personal data has become a frightening specter for everybody. This could have happened to you, and even more frightening when the theft of this data is not at all aware of.
Then how menecegah this happened to you? Here are ways of preventing that you should look.
Not bring birth certificates, passports, other important cards if not urgentThe documents above contain personal information are very important. Through data on the card, one can browse through other data about ourselves. By not carrying the document, it means that you minimize the risk of loss. Save the document in the safest place in your home or at your hotel.
Consider your bank accounts online as often as possibleYou must be alert to the movement of the balance in your bank account. Most financial fraud carried out without realizing it. Note the change in balance even though only 10 thousand, because it could be, that's one form of fraud.
Do not store any credit cards in one walletCarry only one credit card in your wallet, and keep the rest at home. This method not only prevents you from easily tempted to swipe a lot of credit cards at a time, as well as minimize the risk of potential loss when you carry a wallet missing.
Be careful when using public computersEach computer may be infected with spy programs (spyware). A spy program can record each user's computer keyboard keystrokes. So if you're logged in and typing in an online bank account passwords, or for example to shop online using a public computer, it could be a cracker (malicious hackers) and then use these data records to break down your credit card
Do not use debit cards to shop onlineUsing a debit card online is very dangerous. Because, if a data thief can find your debit card number, he can empty your account in just five minutes.

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