Prevention is better than cure. This adage was true also in the computer world. Rather than spend huge cost to treat a computer, preferably as early as possible to do security that can keep your computer from virus attacks.
Here are ten powerful virus to circumvent the virus and worm attacks on your computer:
1. Always do a scan on a floppy disk into your PC. Although seemingly trivial, but these little things will help protect your computer from viruses that are transmitted through exchange of floppy disks behavior. If a PC is infected by a virus, a disk that is inserted into it, will most likely infected as well. Therefore, do not carelessly opened a friend's disk on your computer, before it passed the selection disk scandisk. If it turns out scandisk programs can detect the presence of the virus but can not cure it, do not force it to open files on the floppy. After all, this could also become a kind of warning for you, so quickly equip your computer with anti-virus.
2. Scan is also a CD that goes into your CD drive. Although it seems more exclusive and secure, but the CD turned out to also have the same potential as floppy disks, in transmitting the virus. Therefore, do not be careless! Still do a scan on a CD that will be installed on your computer, even if the CD had just bought from the store.
3. Do a scan of your hard drive, every time you will begin to work with it. As toddlers are always checked his health, your PC must also always be assessed whether it was healthy or had been infected by a virus. Moreover, by doing a scan on the hard drive before starting a job, you reduce the risk of disruption caused by a virus during the process of your work. In addition, also minimize the chances of damage to your files.
4. Protect your disk, if you put it in another PC. As mentioned above, if you had to insert a floppy disk into your computer belongs to someone else, then you need to be protected floppy disk first. Consequently, you can not make changes to files stored on the floppy.
5. Do not indiscriminate downloading attachments. Today many types of worm that sends copies of itself in the form of e-mail attachment. For example worm Miss World. therefore you should not open any attachment if you do not recognize the sender's address. Even though you recognize the sender's address, if no prior agreement that the person will send the following e-mail attachments, then you should delete only the attachment. No matter how interesting the subject of the attachment. Because many creators of worms, exploit the curiosity of someone to open the attachment death. Jenifer Lopez eg viruses and worms are said to contain Miss World Jennifer Lopez nude pictures and pictures of Miss World in bikini costume.
6. Selective in opening e-mail. So also the laws that apply in the open e-mail. a number of viruses and worms replicate themselves and send a copy of it on the entire e-mail address listed on the Microsoft Outlook Express address book that attacked computers. Thus, the potential victims would not be suspicious and soon will open an e-mail is toxic. Therefore, if you receive an e-mail from someone you know, but with a strange subject should immediately delete any e-mail. Unless you both really have made a previous appointment.
7. Installing and constantly updating the antivirus program on your computer. Sometimes, people who still lay in the field of computers, felt it was safe to have installed the Norton program or MacAffee. You are wrong! An antivirus program that has a shelf life as well as canned food. Therefore, you should always update your antivirus program. because antivirus programs that have expired, will not have any teeth left to resist the onslaught of viruses on your computer.
8. Always keep abreast of the latest news about viruses. In addition to having expired, the antivirus program is also always having updates with respect to new viruses that continue to be released. Experts continue to develop to match the virus creators are also vying to create a more virulent virus from day to day. Therefore you must be diligent in following the news about the latest virus developments. After that, you can search the Internet companies that have the latest antivirus update its products in anticipation of the new virus attacks. Lots of companies that provide antivirus software free download through the internet facility.
9. Downloading the Microsoft Outlook Security Patch into your computer system. As is known, there is no perfect software program. That is, there must be a bug or a weak point in the software. so too was the case with Microsoft's Outlook Express application. Therefore, by downloading the Microsoft Outlook Security Patch into your computer system, means you've overcome the bugs in the program. Thanks to the help of this small program, the performance of the "security guard" Microsoft Outlook Express becomes more leverage in keeping your computer from viruses or worms that attack by using Microsoft Outlook Express address book.
10. Disabling Windows Scripting Host. As is known, many new viruses and worms that developed with visual basic scripting under windows system. To minimize the attack, you should disable the program that serves to automate a function. However, keep in mind that not all speak the virus can be arrested by disabling VBS program.
Quoted from: Tabloid PC Plus

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