You may have experienced the following:
* Delete important files by accident. * You have a lot of letter names and inadvertently drive removes the data by reformatting the drive letter on a hard drive partition and even delete your data is lost * Or would you prefer to install the new hard drive and worn inside a computer. Let me have a look with lots of sophisticated computer hard drive. * Viruses do deletion of data, including critical data. * Hard Drive mulfunction you experience, this can happen when the storage media in already overcrowded and hard drive crashes.
We discuss the most ridiculous cases performed computer user
Delete files by accident: There is a saying goes as smart as smart squirrel jumping, one day will surely fall. They are usually normal computer use, very rarely make this mistake. Because prefer cautious placing files on your hard disk and keep the Delete button. But this case actually occurs when a person who is very adept at using computers. Sometimes even deadly warning on a Windows system because it is considered disturbing. His comments, why should be given warning if you want to delete the file or directory, inikan a routine job. Usually computer users who have an expert do the Windows setup by turning off things that are considered unnecessary. One time, it turns out that an important file in a directory deleted by accident without the early warning signs
Formatting the hard drive by mistake: This case is actually rare for those who compile critical data on a hard drive. Those who have experienced going to put a data on a hard drive with a specific drive letter. For example putting important data on the hard drive first or second. When doing the format, then the liver was embedded in the habit of checking back and make sure the drive letter that will not drive letter or formatted hard drive containing important data. This error often occurs due to lower one's concentration when he saw the name of the drive letter and partition on a computer that was about to be removed or replaced. Or the most common and silly mouse cursor is shifted to a partition that does not want formatted. Do not believe, in fact, many incidents like this happen by formatting the wrong drive letter. Understandably systems like Windows XP is very easy to format the hard drive
Eliminating the partition by accident: On Windows XP systems are very easy person to format or create partition. As for the Windows 98 system, the partition must be made with the DOS system. Unfortunately, it is essential to create a partition on Windows XP systems are sometimes poorly understood. And inadvertently you do the removal on a hard drive partition containing important data. While the Windows 98 system, the incidence of lost partitions because the user forgot to move the computer hard drive selection option. Especially when using a second hard drive with the same capacity and distribution of the most common.
Placing data on the hard drive obsolete: Have 3-4 in a computer hard drive may seem cool. There are bad habits for computer users to still use the old hard drive. But we must know that the disk has a term of usage. Putting important data on the hard drive is nothing unwise obsolete. Better to do a backup or at least put the data on two different hard drive to make duplicates. In fact many do not pay attention to the age of the hard disk usage. When the old hard drive started acting up like happened kerusakana such as bad sectors or a physical hard drive suddenly can not access then realize there are still important data is left inside.
For beginners should know the meaning of the Physical Drive, Partition and Drive / Logical drive letter:
Below is a simple foundation to recognize a storage drive
Physical drives: Interpreted is a form of storage. The form is common hard disk, other shapes can be either Flash drives, CD / DVD-ROM with CD / DVD or floppy drives and others. Physical drives are physical form of a storage media drive. Inside the drive will be divided into multiple partitions to form the name of the drive otherwise known as a drive letter
Partition or Partition: Interpreted a storage division to divide or cut the capacity of a storage media or storage into smaller sections as needed. Distribution or storage space or the contents of hard drive capacity can be interpreted as a partition. For example, 100 GB hard drive can be split into 2 with a division of 50GB and 50GB. But there are provisions on the composition of particular hard drive partition. The division is determined by the Primary and Extended partitions.
First on the computer hard drive or disk that contains boot system will be given the name of the Primary Partition or primary partition. In the Primary partition only has 1 drive letter, which is drive C.
The first hard drive can be divided and given the name of the Extended Partition. For example you have a 250GB hard drive and divide the 2 partitions 20GB 230GB Primary and Secondary. Then the first 20GB will be drive C. While the 230GB can be further divided with some name of the drive letter that you need including the capacity of each drive letter. Extended Partition end of the distribution process by providing logical drives. Suppose you divide into 5 Extended partition drive letter (DEFGH) again with each capacity of 50GB, the drive letter first and the second has the letter D to drive E and so on.
If you have 2 hard drives, the first hard drive should have a provision as above and at least have a primary partition. While the Extended Partition is only required if you need to divide the hard drive first, second and so on to make some other drive letter. If not, then the first hard drive will still contain the Primary Partition with a drive letter that is only a C. Primary Partition with Drive C contains the system will boot on an operating system.
For the second hard drive can be divided without a Primary Partition and for directly with Extented Partition. Sharing the same way as dividing the capacity of the first hard drive but how to form the Extended Partition first hard drive should have with the content of Primary Partition. Second hard drive and so does not require a Primary Partition if you do not need a second hard drive and so on also can boot on a computer.
In the picture below is an overview of the structure of the division of a hard disk storage with other forms of media. As an example of a physical disk used is a 250GB capacity:
Primary Partition, Drive C, contains 20GB (19.53GB)
Extended Partition, Drive D - E - F and so on are divided based on need.
Do recover data in the hard disk (storage)
Before the only software company to make hard drive recovery software. Loss of data from a hard drive is a nightmare
But now this is some software that can do the return data on a hard drive. If you accidentally remove your data, for example on the hard disk partitions, logical drives are deleted or the hard disk is accidentally erased. Prepare the steps as below
* The best way is to use two hard drives. Hard disk is damaged, or missing data is used as a second hard drive. While the first hard drive is used as a backup system recovery and lost data. * If you have a fruit containing the boot disk with a partition system with a Primary Partition. The best way to not use the hard disk to recover. Use another hard drive to recover by installing a data recovery software. This effort to prevent your data is permanently erased. * If you have a drive letter such as C, D, E. You can use the hard drive for data recovery. With a record of writing is not installed on the drive letter that contains important data and have been accidentally deleted. For example, your data resides in a drive letter E. Then you should not use the drive letter E to install any program. Data recovery program can be placed on another drive letter such as D and C. * If you accidentally erase your hard drive partitions. You should not use the hard disk to installing any software. Use another hard drive to locate your data in the hard disk is erased. * Even if your disk or hard drive information has been lost you start to experience problems such as bad sectors. Data recovery system can return your data. Provided the hard disk drive can still be recognized by the helper to perform recovery * Software data recovery just doing that returns your data deleted by accident. But it does not return your form as the original partition.
Undelete files / restore erased files
Undelete files or restore deleted files is not too difficult. Many software utility undelete files by adding features.
For instance Tune-Up includes a feature to search for a deleted file or directory on a drive letter. Or and Recover4All with a special ability to perform a file search terdelete. Software utility can search for file names that have been erased, and choose whether the condition is still good files deleted or intact. Software undelete files require input from the user to restore the original file name. Because on Windows systems, deleted files are removed at the next character. For example anggaran.xls file can still be found with the name? Nggaran.xls. And the initial character must be entered manually.
Restoring data on a partition or drive letter erased
We tried 2 pieces of reliable software to perform data recovery. Both of the following software is able to retrieve data from a storage that has been lost to the logical drive or a drive letter as well as information on the partition. That is, a hard drive that has been deemed not to have a partition (blank) again turned out to still be searchable rest of the data from existing files in the hard disk.
The ability of both programs is below:
* Supports FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS * Recover deleted files including folders * Mengembalian missing files from the vanishing of the partition is formatted with the system even faster / QUICK. * Restores data from storage that can not be access anymore or corruption of files with the search sector * Supports multiple disc formats such as IDE to SCSI * Works on Windows 95 systems - XP and 2003 for Stellar
Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Software

GetDataBack for NTFS or FAT

Both the software is able to retrieve data both partitions and drive letter that has been removed. Even data recovery software will try to find your data even if disk or storage media having physical disabilities such as bad sectors.
Loss of data either accidentally deleted the drive letter, directory and partition storage is not a nightmare anymore. With Data Recovery software, then your data can still be returned even if there is a risk is not fully secured. If you experience this event, you immediately turn off the computer and remove your hard drive to perform recovery. And it is not advisable to do data recovery on the same drive unless you know exactly what you are doing. Know how to work hard, and storage media such as the type of partition, drive letter is highly recommended that prevent deeper damage.

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