Adding Password In Folder

One thing that is felt less in the Windows operating system is sekurity problems or data security. By default we can not conduct meaningful protection against file and our data.

But somehow the data security remains a need which is vital. Moreover, if we have data that is quite important, while our computer is also used by others besides us. If it were so what's the solution? By using the software Folder Guard you can do it.

Quite a lot of features provided by Folder Guard, including:

Prevent someone from doing the format on your hard disk. When we do right click on the drive, it will display the Formatting menu. What happens if there are others who intentionally or accidentally undergo a format on your hard disk? All of our data can be destroyed!
Prevent someone from installing programs.
We can set its program anywhere that can be executed by the user and which programs can not be executed.
Protecting folders with passwords. If this feature is enabled then if the only person who knows the password can access all the sub folders and files on the protected folder. This is one feature that is difficult to be found on other protection programs.

If you password protect folders with passwords, so if the folder in the right click menu will appear then unlock.

If the Unlock menu is clicked, a dialog box will appear that asks you to enter a password.

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