Hidden parameters Dos

Hidden parameters Dos
Used to display the file path or directory
TRUENAME filename -

There is an easier way to see the hard drive partition information. If we usually have to go first to the FDISK and then choose option 4. So with FDISK / STATUS we can immediately immediately see the partition information. This command can at least shorten the steps of our work and reduce the risk of errors in FDISK. Note: This command will not work on DOS 3.30.

The above command will write the master boot record on the hard disk without changing the partition table information. For the record, the writing on the master boot record (in this case) may cause some problems on some dual boot program. For those of you who never installed Linux and Windows on one hard disk and put LILO on the master boot record, you can remove LILO by the command. You can also remove viruses that attack the boot sector, by booting from a clean disk and FDISK / MBR.

SHELL = C: \ COMMAND.COM / P / F at (config.sys)
The above command will run a "Fail" on the option "Abort, Retry, Fail" (option "Abort, Retry, Fail" commonly arise when the "problem" at the moment are at the DOS prompt).

Featuring information about the DOS version is more complete

Parameter Format secret
Determining the size of the cluster: format drive: / z: ClusterSize * 2
Do not store information for unformat: Drive format: / u
Format d: / z: 8 will produce a cluster size of 4 kB Examples:
Format d: / z: 32 will produce a cluster size of 16 kB

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