Adding Statistics On WebSite

You want to know the number of visitors to your website? Want to know which browser you use or web pages are most viewed? How easy. You can use the statistics provided by many providers. One of the most famous is This paper will explain how to add stats on web page and what information can be obtained. In this example we will use HitBox.
To get the service, as always you must register in advance. The content and follow langkah2 been provided. After that you will get the code that you should add on your web page. There are two kinds of code, ie code that is placed on the main page of your web and code that is placed on another page (not on main page). Now copy the code to the page you want to look at the statistics.

Well, after a web page that has been inserted the code of HitBox is uploaded, you can get a variety of info such as:
Views 1.Page, number of pages viewed. 2.Pages Viewed Per Visitor, number of pages viewed by each of your web visitors. 3.Most Requested Pages, the most widely viewed pages. 4.Average Depth of Pages, shows how the number of pages viewed by visitors to your web. In other words, a visitor to see how many web pages. 5.Browser Version, browsers used by visitors to your website, can Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, etc.. 6.Resolusi monitor, showed resolution of the monitor used to view your web. 7.Referring URLs, showing where they come to your website, whether from other web links, search engines, bookmarks, or anything else. 8.Time Spent on Site, shows how many seconds, minutes or hours whether the visitors are on your website. Just that alone? No! Besides those mentioned above, there are many other interesting tidbits that you can get from HitBox.
Armed with the info you can do the optimization for your web. Browser Version instance of info, if your web visitors mostly using Internet Explorer, you can create a design with optimization for IE. From the Most Requested Pages, you can determine what rubric should continue plus where the remains (if your web consists of a variety of rubrics, such as Right Click on this site).
Good luck!

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