Computer Security Tips Articles

Computer Security Articles!? maybe this is something that is often discussed in various articles about computers in the entire blog on the internet. I myself since my computer is connected to the internet has not even faced a serious problem with the name of the virus. Although occasionally been made dizzy by it
Well at least until the computer security article was written!
I think there are 6 things that we ought to do so we do not tecinta computers affected or infected by a virus. Automatic computer security if we talk we talk about how to prevent computer viruses.
As for computer security affairs from the action the thief is beyond this article: D Here only specialize weeks to Internet viruses.Here's 6 Tips on Computer Security article by Taufik Stars:
1. Use AntiVirus
Of course this is the most important. Would not want anti-virus as a guard that will prevent a variety of viruses. Oh yes! If nggk have money ... please do not use pirated antivirus free antivirus use only. Not really a great lost in combating internet viruses.
Do not forget to update anything for the sake of computer security. Not just any anti-virus definitions updated. EVERYTHING! Operating both systemnya, installed software and drivers. No software or software that is perfect .. there must be a security hole. Do not believe the programmers who say "I sepurna Software in computer security"
To close the security holes that we have to update and update. Because Internet viruses are also always update and update.
3. Be careful when browsing
Most viruses spread of internet porn sites and warez (mp3 illegal, pirated software, etc.). If you do not want exposed to the virus so do not go there. This is the best way of preventing computer viruses.
But I know you are addicted to such sites. Then than it is if there is a warning from your browser, it's better just ignore that site. Or during a visit to the website it appears a dialog box requesting to install something .. just been ignored.
Beware of such sites typically use puns like he was giving a gift to you. In fact it is an internet virus that can interfere with computer security.
4. Always scan files downloaded
Whatever file you download even if it comes from a trusted website like this blog. It must still be scanned using an anti virus. For example when you download a free ebook, what you are sure the ebook free of germs uh mean virus free. Or when a script is the script for free .. what it really safe.
Preventing it is always better than cure
5. Beware email
One of the Internet is a virus spread via email. Especially if you got an email that contains files such as EXE, VBS, BAT. Plus it was sent by a stranger ... internet viruses might turn off the computer and reboot it and the message "Welcome to your hard drive capacity increases"
How not to grow, lha wong all the deleted files.
6. Read on computer security article
The development of a computer that runs like a panther ... so fast. Perhaps the computer security article you read a month ago is outdated ingested era. So keep reading the various articles keep a good computer like on this blog: D
Benefits of the computer was indeed a lot. But at the same time also appeared to bother the things that computer security is maintained.


  1. According to me these tips are good but we can't say surely that by using these thing we can surely protect our data, computer or network because in the market everyday there is a new technique is coming so we have to consult a proper person for it.

  2. Thanks for the input you provide