Newspapers Must Be More Involved Content Manager

Online Media to be one of the fastest growing types of media lately. Most of current online media, especially news portal, content is still considered to be a generator or a party who produces news. In fact, according to Sigit Handoyo of Nusantara Online, one of the developers of online games, online media can be more functional.
"Online media can do the merge, not only as a content generator but also the content manager," said Sigit.

Reveal the reason, Sigit said that most of the accessor is a community of online media. According to Sigit, members of these communities can be empowered to filler content.

"So the role of access of online media can not get left behind. As first example we look at the case of Merapi, which first found out is people who tweet via Twitter," Sigit said on the sidelines of the seminar "New Media: Become a Master in Interior Alone", on Thursday (7 / 7 / 2011) at Hotel Nikko, Jakarta.

However, Sigit notes that online media still have a role to perform validation. Sigit added that although online media are required to fast, but about the accuracy of the information displayed remains indispensable.

Commenting on the development of online media today, Sigit said that all was still dabbling proper form. There is an online media that prioritize speed but there is a priority to accuracy, although not too fast.

"Probably the next 5-10 years we will find the right form," said Sigit.

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