Google + Soon Translucent 20 Million Users

Following the enthusiasm of internet users to Google +, many observers predict the social networking site owned by Mountain View-based company that would touch the figure of 20 million weekend.

Predictions did not seem so impossible to remember last week Google has recorded 10 million users. In fact, there were approximately 7.3 million accounts Google +-activated on July 10.

Popularity sped rapidly create successful Google + drew so many new users even launched early last July. Not surprisingly, social networking is claimed as a serious threat to Facebook.

After noting the impressive achievements last week, Google + was allegedly going to solve a new record in the near future. That's according to Paul Allen from that have been watching the developments carefully the Google +.

"I think Google will be able to exceed 10 million in the near future, even reaching 20 million users at the weekend if they continue to provide Invite Button," says Allen

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