Avoiding Spam Email From Attacks

Global spam volumes may decline, but pointed out the danger level rises. Here are six things to avoid in order to block the spread of spam.
In a monthly report of Symantec Messaging and Web Security stated that the global volume of junk email (spam) decreased.
However this is not a reason to become complacent and no longer perform the required safety procedures.
Well, here are six things which, according to Symantec should not be done by internet users. This prohibition is necessary to block the spread of spam.
1. Opening attachments from unknown email
Do not be tempted to open an attachment in an email that looks suspicious. Sometimes the attachment is a name that is tempting, but it could be the content is a malicious program.
2. Replying to spam
Perhaps because of upset or other reasons, users may be tempted to reply to spam email with curses or requests to not send emails anymore.
Be careful, because usually the address used is false and if returned it will give birth to more spam back to the Inbox.
3. Fill Form via Email
Tricks of data theft often do is ask potential victims to fill personal data via the form available on the e-mail, or form that the link is displayed in the email.
Symantec said, leading the company may not ask for personal information via email. If in doubt, contact the company through the official channels separately. Do not click on or copy and paste the link in the message.
4. Buying products or services from spam messages
Although the product or service that sounds interesting, you should not try to make purchases of products or services offered through spam. This will only encourage people to continue to use spam.
5. Opening spam messages
If a message is spam is obvious, such as characterized by the Spam Filter is used, this means that the message is as it should be discarded.
6. Email Forwarding Chain
Many warnings about the virus, safety hazards and other things that spread by email. Because there is a possibility that kind of thing only a rumor (hoax) alone, should not chimed in sending chain messages.

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