How To Change Windows Settings

The default setting in Windows is usually less satisfactory for the majority view TweakUIorang program. Especially for people who like to fiddle with a computer brain. Usually people that desire to meet and perform brain-tweaking the registry. But for some other brain-tweaking the registry lead to "horror", because if the wrong setting can make Windows not smooth. This is usually experienced by the beginner.

Well, to help you-you are still somewhat common on ato registry that already proficient but lazy to do it, can now try TweakUI software. The file size is quite small but decent ability.

How To Install

First first download TweakUI is still shaped zip file. Then extract it to any folder. If the well will have four files. To install the following way:

1.Klik right on tweakui.inf file, select Install.
2.Program will ask tweakui.cnt file. Just click on Browse, and navigate to the location of the folder where you saved the file tweakui.cnt.
3.Klik OK, OK.
4.Akan its Help window appears Tweak UI. Aja Close the window, then the install process will resume soon (if you have not closed the window, then the install process will not continue).
Now to run the program, click Start - Settings - Control Panel, pillih Tweak UI. Well now you can make changes to Windows settings without worry in case of error.

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