Manage Schedule With EssentialPIM

If you are someone who is very busy, you may need the right software to organize your schedule. The software EssentialPIM is one of the software that you should try. EssentialPIM can assist in managing the daily activity schedules, store addresses and contacts, and store various important notes.
Mengelola Jadwal Dengan EssentialPIM
Some of the main features of EssentialPIM is as follows:
• EssentialPIM is very easy to use. The software has an interesting variety of shortcuts, so that the UI look like its not boring. You can set various things as you like, such as connecting e-mail with a note, the contact address with daily tasks, and so on.• The software can help you to secure the data that you consider important to use passwords and encryption that are difficult to solve.• EssentialPIM has the ability to import and export is very good. You can easily import and export from and to HTML format, RTF, CSV, TXT, and so on. Thus, you can use the data you store in a variety of formats without having to do manual input.• The software is available in various languages ​​such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and many more.• Whatever you save by EssentialPIM you can find easily because the software is equipped with advanced search features.• The software EssentialPIM you can quickly open by using a hotkey available.• With EssentialPIM, you can put sticky notes (small notes) virtually on your desktop so you will not forget to complete your important tasks. This feature also helps you to keep your workspace clean because you no longer need a real sticky notes.EssentialPIM still has many other features that we can not mention one by one. The best way to find out all the features provided by this software is to try it yourself. You do not need to worry, because it's free EssentialPIM. But if you need a similar software that provides more features, you can try EssentialPIM Pro. EssentialPIM software you can download at its official website

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