Install Icon In Article Title

A few days ago I idly put pictures before post title on my blog this. Not long after I put the picture, some of my friends via IM to ask how do I add these images and whether they can replace it with the logo of their blogs. The answer, of course I could, which must be lived to replace the URL with the URL of the logo imagenya our blog. For more details on this article I will discuss how to install icon on the title of the article.

Before starting the discussion screenshotnya please see below:

Icon on the title
1. Log in to your blogger
2. On the dashboard click: Layout »Edit HTML
3. Click the "Download Full Template" to be on guard when things go wrong
4. Give check list on the Expand Widget Templates
5. Find the code like below:

code may be different on each template, the search focused on the " 'data: post.url'" and the data: Post.title /.
Use Ctrl + F on your browser to facilitate searches ..
6. Replace the above code with the code below:
Replace red text with your image URL.
7. Save and clay results

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