47 Search Engine TIps

Hi Friends, not meant to forget all the friends and not the spirit of blogging is down. but again there was another job that makes the virtual world activities so little disturbed .. direct for the science of improvised-aja ya:)
in this post I will share some of the 47 factors that affect search engine rankings ok .. please read ..

1. Keywords in page titles.
2. Keywords in the page heading. (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
3. Keywords in domain names.
4. The keywords in the page file name, image or other content.
5. Keywords using bold, italics and underlined in the article.
6. Keywords in alt text for foto-foto/gambar.
7. Keywords in the text a different color / size.
8. Variations of the keywords on the page (for example: eat, ate, eaten, eating, eater, etc.)
9. Keyword density on the page.
10. Show keywords above half of the page / article.
11. Keywords in meta description tag.
12. Keywords in meta tag keywords.
13. The uniqueness of page titles, description and keywords that make linking to other pages from our site.
14. Domain age.
15. Age of the page.
16. TLD of the domain. (Example: Domain. Co.id will be better in the ratings google.co.id)
17. Location Hosting.
18. PageRank of the site.
19. Quality content. (well-written, informative, not duplicate)
20. The number of backlinks to our site.
21. Quality (PR) of backlinks.
22. Anchor text used to link back.
23. Title text (if any) that is used to link back.
24. Age of backlink.
25. Where the backlinks appear on the page. (page up, down page, etc.)
26. Are there backlinks in the content or outside content.
27. The total number of links on the page linked to our site.
28. Backlinks from relevant sites or a single topic with our site.
29. The relevance of the keyword with the main subject of the entire website.
30. Left meloading site. (server response time and the size of the page)
31. Server availability.
32. Links. (where we make the link? What links related to our topic?)
33. The number of pages on the site.
34. Links between pages with each other on our site.
35. Internal links to the main page. (This will increase the ranking of the main page)
36. How many people are returning from our site to search engines after searching for a keyword.
37. The number of internal page links on the page. (no more than 100)
38. The number of external links on the page. (try to minimize)
39. Backlinks from the domain. Gov and. Edu.
40. Use "-" hyphen (and not "_" underscore) in the name of the file.
41. How often is the site updated.
42. Duplicate content from other sources. (negative effect)
43. Linking to bad sites like porn sites etc.. (negative effect)
44. Backlinks from DMOZ and Yahoo directories.
45. Removing incorrectly pages (broken links on your site) 301/302 redirect. (negative effect)
46. HTML code is good and easily readable by search engines.
47. Domain history. (have done bad things in the past?)

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