Online Businesses Still Not Sure Which Many

Conference "New Media: Hosts in the Land Alone" was held today (07/07/2011) at Hotel Nikko, Jakarta. One of which is discussed at the meeting was the development of an online business, especially online news portals.
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Sharing experiences, GM Edi Taslim said that one of the learned is, until now no one managed to do all the steps correctly the company management.

"We still continue to experiment until now. If many editors also expressed uncertain, actual business is also uncertain. We are still looking for new revenue sources," said Edi.

Edi said, currently experienced by the online news portal is a decline in visitors in the front yard. The more use search engines or links from social media. "If you want to read the news, directly through Google, and instantly appeared a few clicks to the news. Now there is also a link from social media, so people also go directly to the news you want to read," said Edi.

If it happens continuously, it could change the business pattern. "Now the welcome page that sustains 70 percent of our revenue. Imagine if the change happens," Edi said again.

Own digital world, according to Eddie, a very dynamic and many are uncertain. One challenge is to follow the dynamism and convincing the CFO about the changes and related business plan. According to Edi, leadership commitment to be the most important thing to be able to sustain the business.

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