Sailing Netbook only 13.3 Inches


During this time, the choice is generally sailed 10-inch netbook. With high resolution, the screen displays the text of that size is too small, so not too comfortable viewing like a notebook. However, do not worry because now there is a choice of sailing 13.3-inch netbook.

For example in the series netbook Vanbook P3N released Advan-51 125 Digital, a local computer manufacturing company in Indonesia. With a screen size of 13.3 inch wide LED screen, Vanbook P3N-51 125 netbook is claimed as the first and the only one that has a larger screen size of the netbook.

This device is the answer for those who frequently use computational activity light but need a wider screen and portability. Intel Atom processor powered computing Pineview type-D (D510) which is a dual core processor. In addition, to support user performance, this device has a 6 cell battery, so its use could be longer.

Designs on P3N-51 125 series is also designed with a very slick. Although widescreen, this device is designed with the look slim and compact design. Its weight was only 1.6 kg so it is still easy to carry anywhere. In her elegant bronze dazzling colors, the device offers a premium appearance. With the form view full-size keyboard and touchpad are more comfortable, Vanbook P3N-51 125 series is very much like a notebook that is more comfortable than other netbooks.

With all the performance that is owned, P3N-51 125 series is offered at a very affordable price. Netbook widescreen and use the dual core atom is only priced at Rp 2.499 million.

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