A Virus Can Android SMS Manipulation

A new malicious programs that target the re-found Android. This Trojan sabotage the SMS feature on the infected phone and the edges will make bags of the broken cell phone owner.
HippoSMS known, the virus infiltrated the Android device features a short message to then take over and sign up to the premium SMS service.
Whose name is premium SMS, of course there are costs above the average that must be borne by the owner of the phone. Yet another evil, the action does not necessarily detrimental HippoSMS stop there.
Keusilannya then followed by monitoring incoming SMS and delete messages that come from telecom operators. As is known, usually the user will receive notification if the message has to register a service, as well as the number of bills.
However, if the cell phone owner can not receive messages from the service blocked because of this virus, it is a matter of time until they find out that the bill has swelled due to premium services continue to be registered.
Researchers from North Carolina State University found HippoSMS on 10 July. It is estimated, the circulation of this program are in the Android market China.
"Our investigations show that HippoSMS directly target the host application so that when the application is run it will soon turn on themselves to send SMS messages to premium numbers," said Xuxian Jiang, assistant professor of computer science department of North Carolina State University.
According to recent monitoring, HippoSMS activity was detected only in China. But that does not mean users Androiddi other countries, including Indonesia, does not necessarily alert.
Denis Maslennikov, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab said that the model of mobile malware attacks such as this - that sabotage SMS to connect to premium services - found rampant in Russia, Ukraine, and including China.

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