Working with Microsoft Baidu Search Engines Provide English Language

Baidu, China's biggest web companies, will partner with Microsoft, providing search results in English. Nevertheless, the results remain censored to meet demand Government of China.
English-language search engines will be redirected from a search engine Baidu to Microsoft's Bing, say Chinese companies on Monday (04.07.11) night.
Baidu dominates the search engine (seach engine) with a market of more than 75 percent. This step aims to increase Microsoft's web presence in the world's largest internet market.
Baidu's search market reached 83 percent in China, but they also have over 10 millionsearch in English every day. Internet users in China recorded 470 million, but only 30 percent of the population who have Internet access.
Baidu hopes the service began in late 2011. Both companies are ready to cooperate in mobile platforms and web pages.
Some analysts said the partnership aims to take pasaryang Google abandoned, after a fight with the Government of China because of censorship of Google search results. However, until now the search engine Google is still the second largest in China.
"The cooperation between Baidu and Microsoft will further strengthen Baidu's dominance in the Chinese search engine market, Google will be making business in China is more difficult," said Dong Xu, an analyst from Analysys International.
But other analysts argue, "It's a good thing, but I see very little impact for Baidu. I do not see many English keywords on Baidu. More commonly found on Google," said Wallace Cheung, an analyst at Credit Suisse based in Hong Kong .
Search engine marketing company Greenlight saw the deal was beneficial to both parties. "This suggests an opportunity for Baidu to print moremany of the Chinese market. Baidu is getting what it wants to expand its network to foreign countries if the cooperation is realized, "said Chief OperatingOfficer of Greenlight, Andreas Pouros. (BBC / Guardian / KSP)

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