Facebook provides a new feature video

 In the near future, Facebook will provide new Video Calling feature that allows users to do video chat with each other. Supported by the Skype service was introduced on Wednesday (06/07/2011) in its official blog that social networking sites.
Facebook believes, combining its users with a user base of Skype video chat will encourage more and more popular. During this time, the video chat can only be done fellow users the same services, such as fellow Skype users only.
"Video chat has existed since several years, but has not been used in daily activity for most people. Sometimes it's hard to follow, or friends who will be contacted using different services," said Philip Su from Facebook in the company's official blog.
Announcement of the video chat feature is believed also to answer Google's breakthrough that provides video-based chat feature on his new social networking, Google +. However, with the number of users who have exceeded more than 600 million people worldwide, Facebook has a user base of capital is greater than Google at this time.
Both services are both free and web-based. However, current video chat Facebook for communication of two people. This is different from Google's Hangout at + that can be used to chat together up to 10 people, and even watch videos together.
Video chat feature will be available in the next few weeks. However, if you can not wait to try it, Facebook provides a special link.

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