Will Google's Picasa and Blogger Name Change

Shortly after launch the Google social networking Plus, Google is rumored to be consolidating its services. Two names for a service from Google that is already publicly known, ie, Picasa and Blogger, will be renamed with a frill Google as part of a strategy of integration into the social networking.

As the site Mashable.com reported on Tuesday (07/05/2011), will be replaced Google Picasa Photos, Blogger will be replaced while Google Blogs. These changes will be made within the next six weeks before Google + will be launched to the public in general. Picasa is a provider of online photo albums, while Blogger is a free blog service providers.

Such rebranding step is not only the first time does Google. For example, when it acquired GrandCentral VoIP service in 2007, later changed his name to Google Google Voice in 2009 as provided to the public.

In addition, the rebranding will strengthen the Google brand. Picasa and Blogger users so far probably do not know if you use Google's products to enter despite already being forced to use a single login address.

Picasa is a product of the acquisition in 2004, but his name is not changed then. So is the case that Google bought Blogger from Pyra Labs in 2003.

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