The keyboard is one component of a complete computer. For those of you who frequently spend time at the computer, using the keyboard is really comfortable to wear are the important things so that your fingers and your wrist is not sore and tense.
How to choose a good keyboard and comfortable to wear? Here are some tips that can be taken into consideration.
1. Select an ergonomic keyboard. For those who frequently interact with the computer, it is advisable to choose an economical keyboard. As reported by monstersandcritics.com, Stefan Willecke from magazine PC-Welt revealed, an ergonomic keyboard will help reduce the strain on your wrist. Note also the comfort and ease of pressing the keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards are usually generally flat and is divided into two segments. Sometimes there is also a track ball can be used as a mouse. All these facilities are presented in order to avoid users putting his hand in the wrong position, which will result in a prolonged illness.
2. The color of the keyboard also has an effect on eyesight. Ergonomic not limited to the shape and design only. Color is also one important element of ergonomics. Avoid colors that contrast, because the colors like that are not included in the category of ergonomics. Choose the color of the keyboard that are not 'sick' eye. Generally, black and silver color options to many consumers.
3. Consider the extra functionality that comes with the keyboard. Extra functions that will facilitate your work while struggling with the computer. Some keyboards are expensive and some even equipped with a button to create a pocket calculator program Windows. There is also a keyboard that allows users to assign functions to buttons. That is, all activities are carried out can be called back simply by pressing a button on the keyboard.
4. For users who want security on the computer, can be started from the keyboard. Because the keyboard is now available that can detect fingerprints. Fingerprint is what determines whether someone can use a keyboard or not.
5. Choose a keyboard with a USB port. This facility will allow you a happy struggling with an MP3 player or digital camera.
6. Customize your keyboard with the price of your pocket. On price? Certainly there are many variations of keyboard prices start at U.S. $ 10 for a regular keyboard and $ 300 for a keyboard that is equipped with 3 USB ports. Meanwhile, ergonomic keyboards are available with prices around U.S. $ 40. Adjust to the needs and capacity of your pocket to buy a keyboard for a moment.
7. Treat the keyboard by way of diligent cleaning. Expensive items though, if untreated over time will be damaged. Use a brush to clean between the keys of the keyboard. And of course, do not eat or drink nearby because you could accidentally spill food or drink on the keyboard.

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